We have some exciting news here at Tournadeau! Well we were going to be having the music and film fest in Putnam ct. But we have been growing and the festival isgetting even bigger. With being said we started to realize that Putnam wasn’t going to be able to be condusive to what we want to do. A friend of Tournadeau works closely with Foxwoods casino and he mentioned to them about this event, we were then invited by Foxwoods to come down and hold the event there! The date is staying the same but the location is changing in a big way.

So now Tournadeau is going to be in a 47,000 square foot room with two screens playing at once for 8 hours of films from all over the world. There are also going to be 12 cars/trucks that have been in movies/t.v. You will be able to take pictures with these vehicles.
Along side this expo there is also going to be some people you might want to be taking pictures with. Just outside of the event there are going to be artisans with various talents to show off and you might just want to buy what you see. Don’t forget we are going to be in the luxurious Foxwoods and all of their amazing restaurants, which are like 30 feet away from the event. Maybe your not going to be that hungry but you have the erge to race! Don’t worry we are going to be having some indoor car racing to see who has the need for speed. This is going to be the event of the year at foxwoods and your not going to want to miss this! So save the date of Aug 26, 27 2022!

Embrace your storm!


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