Tournadeau Festival full speed ahead

December 21, 2021 0 Comments

We are excited about the second week of being open for subbmissions to the Tournadeau Music and Film Festival! We have had an overwelming response to our announcement. We are working with one film currently for our discriptive video project. There will be a post talking about just this part of the event. Although our test run is going really well.

Since this event is all about creativity I would like to try something while all of this is going on. We would like to have other creators types to attend the event. Yes if you are a artist, wood worker, magician, clown, work with METALS, POTTERY, COOKING, BAKING OR IF YOU HAVE SOME TALENT OF CREATIVITY THAT I haven’t mentioned please get a hold of us. We want to to show off your creativity!

Don’t forget you can also submit your screenplays to this festival. You don’t have to have a finished film in order to be part of this event. Click on the form below to join us!

Have an awesome Christmas and embrace your storm!


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