A killer Outside 10:00 A.M.

Suffering from agoraphobia and believing she is being tormented by an alien entity, Caroline must distinguish between reality and mental illness. With the help of her therapist, she summons the strength to leave the confines of her home.

Beautiful Violence 10:09

A powerful and gripping story about a white terminally ill businessman who uses racism to force an African American man he never met before to kill him in order for his family receive his life insurance money.

Fire-21 10:22 A.M.

Ice 10:26

3000 kilometers, 25 hours of sleep, 10 kilograms of pasta: 12 people from 12 different planets traveling to another one to see what matters.

Kung Fu Grandma 10:35 A.M.

Grandma Soo Yung is a righteous woman who often offers a helping hand to those being bullied or attacked. Yet, without any proper training, she is often wounded and hurt. After being on the edge of getting blinded, she finally understands the importance of external help and becomes better prepared to defend herself and those that need help. As she comes across another group of bullies and a young victim, she struggles to fight back, and must decide how to best protect the weak and herself.

Laundry Day 10:41 A.M.

Laundry Day – Life on the Line is a 19 minute dramatic and experimental short film, with a beautiful original score. Seamless transitions to allow the movie to flow as a continuous take . A silent film with no dialogue, Laundry Day – Life on the Line takes the viewer on a meditative and memory provoking journey, allowing them to reminisce on the important happenings of their own lives as they reflect on Rose’s weekly wash.
Laundry Day – Life on the Line unfolds the story of a suburban Canadian woman’s life, spanning sixty years, as depicted through the laundry she hangs on her weekly clothesline. The very personal ritual of hanging out the family washing captures private moments, historical happenings, fashion trends, political events, encrypting the rhythm of Rose’s life in her weekly wash.
Opening in 1929, just before Rose’s wedding to Arthur; we follow her freshly laundered journey thru young love, motherhood, raising a family, and school days. In the 1940s, Rose’s clothesline misses Arthur when he is away serving his country until the family is reunited at WWII’s end. Rose’s children, Mary and John, step out into the 1950s and ’60s with new beginnings, graduations, first jobs and their weddings. Next, the ’70s see Rose and Arthur enjoy an empty nest, rekindled love, retirement travels tennis and the pitter-patter of grand babies tiny feet. Finally, the ’80s, see Rose and Arthur slow down. The items on their laundry line are well-loved and slightly bigger. Support stockings, knee braces and flannel nightgowns make way for funeral attire as the ’90s encroach. Rose passes, leaving Arthur to face the laundry line in the bleak mid-winter light until the spring brings renewed hope in the form of a visit from great-granddaughter, Rosie who lovingly squeezes Arthur’s hand.

Life Of Zucchini 11:00 A.M

When a human doesn’t eat its fruits and vegetables it kills them slowly. To be eaten is their reason to exist. Zucchini, the new member of the group, will have to face this horrible truth through a tale about life and its meaning.

Brothers 11:03

Two monkeys engage in a playful struggle across the heart of the jungle, until an unexpected event shows the strength of their brotherly bond.

Midwater 11:05

3 men are playing poker, they are arguing about food, the time, and the only girl around. Everything happens… underwater!

I’m Listening 11:14

city scenes 11:15

City Scenes is an animated short of vignettes about the various lives of different people in the same city.
City Scenes was created and performed by three women, Indus Alelia, Lindsey Loon and Ann Van Epps.

On/Off 11:22 A.M.

Endless distractions threaten to destroy creativity.

Pacing the Pool 11:29

A tiny glimpse into the extraordinary life of Richard Pace. A different approach to life might have seen him crushed under the weight of the physical and mental stresses he has been through since he was a child, however, healing waters have helped him rise above it all!

Silver Pill 11:36

A young Iranian woman has attempted suicide by using Aluminum Phosphate pills, used commonly for rice weevils.
We accompany her to hospital, in hopes of learning about her reasons for making such a drastic decision and to see if she will survive?
Is there any room for regret?

Stock Footage 11:50 A.M

When a character living in the world of stock footage becomes self-aware, he tries to find a way out.

12:15 I Mustache You

“I Mustache You” is a whimsical magical realistic comedy, inspired by Buster Keaton, Looney Tunes, and NYC about Abby, a woman with social anxiety, OCD and agoraphobic tendencies who receives an invitation to love, self acceptance, and the outside world.

12:29 Lockdown Love Life

Ann, tired of being lonely in lockdown, decides to try speed dating at her friend’s recommendation. However, it’s not just regular speed dating, it’s virtual speed dating. Will she find her perfect match?

h1>12:38 Loves Me Loves Me Not

Two middle-aged quirky singles meet for drinks after they connected on OK-cupid. His compliments and her lack of conversation leads them to “laying all the cards on the table.” They go back and forth with his wants, her needs, their compatibilities until an outrageous revelations is a deal breaker.


12:45 Athame

Anna suffers from severe memory loss due to complications of her pregnancy. Her sister, Eva, has moved into Anna’s apartment to look after her. Tensions rise between them as Anna grows weary of her condition and develops behaviors that may put her baby at risk.


12:58 Cruel And Unusual Therapy Too

Lianne Martinez is in therapy, struggling with erotic transference – an attraction to her therapist. Well, Liane WAS in therapy until her therapist ended treatment, sending her on a wild goose chase to find a therapist who won’t drag her mind into the gutter. All from the comfort of her couch, courtesy of a worldwide pandemic and the virtual world of telehealth.
This film was completed in partial fulfillment of the requirements for “NYU – Yellowbrick Film & TV


1:10 The Wait

1:27 Sibling Love

When the TV remote is the center of their sibling rivalry, one eldest brother must decide what he values more: his TV show or his baby sister.

1:32 Swelling

Alireza, who is a few years after the death of his father, is struggling with a special type of forgetfulness disease of his mother. He is pressured by other family members to send his mother to a nursing home. At present, doing so is against his will.

1:47 Everything I Could

A father tries to explain his wife’s mental illness to his daughter.

1:49 The Halloween Visitor

Grieving the loss of her beloved husband, a widow discovers an unexpected friendship that helps her cope.

1:55 The Ribbon

A young girl suddenly finds herself in a beautiful imaginary world. As she explores this enchanting place, the long ribbon of her dress gets caught, holding her back. As she pulls on the ribbon to break free, a completely unexpected journey begins.

BLOCK 2 Starting at 2:15

2:15 The Sycamore

A young daughter and her father come to terms with the recent passing of their mother/spouse.

2:22 Flasher

On a very dark night, a driver gives a ride to a passenger, not knowing this stranger will change

2:30 Typecast

Three typewriters that have taken on the personalities of their dead owners — a Catholic priest, a famous novelist, and a beatnik poet — tussle in an escalating battle of words and expose a damning hypocrisy.

2:38 Death Day Party

2:49 Perfect Family

Carole is tired of misbehaving kids and potential fathers that don’t meet her standards. She’s going to take matters into her own hands, and make things exactly as she wants them.

2:55 Pesadilla


2:58 Raat (A Night!!)

No matter how prepared you are… what happens when you are the victim to be on one dreadful night…. watch RAAT (A Night)

3:12 Teachers Day

A distinguished teacher and two young women get stuck in the elevator. Turns out that these women are victims of a pedophile. After many years they lured him into a trap. They force him to confess on camera. After he has a heart attack, they face a dilemma – to save him or to let him die.

3:30 The Devil and I

Jessica and Eleanor have known each other for a long time and have shared a common tragedy. For Jessica, this has created a stronger bond between them. She has complete trust in Eleanor and is loyal to a fault. However, this loyalty is only one-sided as Eleanor instead waits for the perfect opportunity to seek revenge.

3:47 Last Day

BLOCK 3 Starting at 4:15

4:15 Corpse Flower


Unable to come to terms with the untimely death of his young son, a desperate father enlists the help of a shadowy salesman to resurrect his lost child. After being sold mysterious skull-shaped seeds that supposedly have the power to bring his son back to life, the father obsessively uses them to channel his grief, much to the chagrin of his skeptical wife.
As it becomes clear the father will stop at nothing to fix his fractured family, his marriage with his wife starts to deteriorate. After increasing inexplicable occurrences, the wife becomes more suspicious of her husband’s actions, leading to a chilling climax where the couple must choose between life and death.
“Corpse Flower” is a disturbing tale of the supernatural, of how the inability to process grief can destroy a relationship.

4:30 Bite

Jacopo and Alice are running away from something who’s chasing them. The two are able to enter in a car and hide themselves. The tension is sky high. After a bit we understand that there isn’t a real danger because the guys are taking part in a zombie simulator. They have never met before and they prefer to know themselves in place of come back to game. They laugh, debate, provoke themselves all the time about more or less serious issues. Both of them know what they like, what scares them and many times their strength and self-confidence’ll stagger because of the other or external events.

4:41 Dead North

In the extreme Canadian winter, a horseless gunslinger receives an unusual dinner invitation.

4:51 That Scottish Play

Two desperate filmmakers make a life or death pitch to get financing for their movie about the ‘Macbeth’ curse

5:08 Sleep Tight

Preston’s adoptive parents Daniel and Kate think that he is just going through a phase, but Kate fears it may be more because of Preston’s haunted past. Are the monsters in Preston’s closet his past coming back to haunt him? Or is it just another kid with an over active imagination? One thing is for sure, its going to be a night everyone will remember…

5:20 Night Terror

3 minute horror shot all with my phone edited and created on phone also

5:23 Nomofobia

The psychologist, a patient and his addiction.

5:30 Death on Halloween Night

What could go wrong while making a nice dinner on Halloween night!

5:31 Cloro

Alice is training in the pool. She doesn’t know that something terrifying and unexpected will soon drag her into her worst nightmare.

5:39 Thank you for Your Teeth

📖 Josh, a 6 y.o. kid living with his mother and sister, discovers that for each tooth lost he receives five dollars. He makes a quick calculation and understands that an entire bike is sitting in his mouth.

5:42 Decrescendo

A pianist wakes up in a room with only a piano. A hidden figure watches her on a monitor. She plays songs that represent different memories in her life. She mentally and physically deteriorates. Before she dies, her captor tells her his motive.

BLOCK 5 6:15

6:15 The Hobbyist

A short neo-noire thriller centered around a mysterious druggist visited by Sangstrom, a seemingly ordinary man in search of an undetectable poison. Yet, Sangstrom winds up getting more than he bargained for from the sagacious alchemist.

6:24 Souperman

Meet Souperman, a novice super hero who wants to join the prestigious Mutant Armada at all cost. The only thing holding him back is the very thing that makes him unique.

6:27 Harold The Plumber

A self-proclaimed idiot plumber drinks magic toilet water which instantly makes him a genius.

Would you drink toilet water if you knew it had magical powers? Harold the Plumber does.
Harold the Plumber is a story about a self-proclaimed idiot plumber who drinks magic toilet water which makes him super smart but when the concoction begins making Harold sick, he must stop consuming the potion and discover his own inner talents.
I chose to write and direct the short film Harold the Plumber because I like the idea of exploring our self-talk. The film investigates how we perceive ourselves through the narrative short film of comedy and drama genre.
While watching Harold the Plumber I want the viewer to go through Harold’s emotional journey of self-criticism. Harold starts from a place of negative self-belief (he admits he is stupid) and moves to hopeful intelligence (through drinking magic toilet water. He then must choose how to deal with those consequences, taking the audience to the climax of the narrative.
I created this narrative arc, wanting to discuss the idea that we are our own worst critic. I believe we judge ourselves the harshest. Harold perceives he is unintelligent compared to his friends. This boils down to a feeling of not being good enough. I think this is an interesting topic to investigate as I believe the idea of not feeling good enough is a common human trait that causes so many issues for so many people.
Harold the Plumber also explores the common underdog theme. This is a theme I wish to explore in all my stories. Harold is not successful, nor rich, or famous. In his eyes he is an ordinary, working class, senior aged, man, who must work his day job of being a plumber to make way in our society. I am aligned to the theme of the underdog and find its always an interesting point to start a protagonist at.
I was inspired by the style of Jared Hess’s Napoleon Dynamite and the TV series The End of the F***ing World. These visual mediums depict ordinary characters in a subtle surreal version of our world. Furthermore, I liked the idea of trying to make a kids book for adults through the short film codes and conventions. With those inspirations in mind, I crafted Harold the Plumber with visual film techniques to pull that look and feel. I chose a narrator to voice the story in a unique and peculiar manner. The narrator deliberately repeats and emphases parts of the narrative (Harold’s name, plot points and reactions). Colour, costumes, and props also played a vital role in creating the look of the world I wanted with every character deliberately being dressed in one colour. This was a deliberate quirky construction of the visual look of the film I wanted to pull off to create a story world which was like a children’s picture book.
Harold the Plumber required a large cast of actors to pull of the storyline. Alan Malcolm is a well experienced theatre and film actor who can pull off a variety of roles and I believed he was exceptional as Harold. Alan really delivered on the sadness of Harold and the exploration of Harold’s journey. The ensemble cast had to compliment and create a diverse unique world for Harold to play out his story. A very talented bunch of actors was cast, and I was extremely happy with the performance from all actors.
Creating this film helps me express my artistic themes of the underdog and questioning our reality. I believe Harold the Plumber will make a viewer stop and think about their own self perception of negative self-talk.

6:36 Toast


6:46 Guiltea

A story of a sentient tea pot who goes on a killing spree to find the perfect owner.

7:00 Hot Flash:The Chronicles Of Lara Tate Menopausel Super Her

The story of a woman going through all 34 of the symptoms of Menopause to the extreme, causing her to unwittingly become a superhero who wields those powers (this is part one of two)

7:08 Hot Flash:The Chronicles Of Lara Tate Menopausel SuperHero (Training Day)

This is part two, following our Menopausal Superhero as she begins her training with Spit Take

7:17 Neverest

7:30 Womanhood the series

Embarrassing moments only a woman could experience.
“Womanhood: The Series” is an anthology of shorts showcasing characters that are raw, real, awkward, and hilarious.

7:48 Billy Kills The Internet

A terrible fungus (the internet) has emerged throughout the universe and it’s up to Billy and his faithful crew to stop it once and for all. This exciting short will wow audiences with a staunch rejection of the internet featuring fantastical special effects, impeccable sound design, and 1980s inspired music. Don’t miss this hilarious sci-fi fantasy epic!

BLOCK 6 8:0-0

8:00 An Escape for everyone


One man. A comic convention. And one hell of a good time.
Jimothy Beckholt is an actor, impressionist, comedian, and cosplayer. He’s best known for his great Ace Ventura impression. In recent years, Jimothy has attended a lot of conventions all over the Eastern side of the Bible Belt, doing his famous Ace Ventura impression. We were lucky enough to spend two days with him in Lexington, KY at the annual Lexington Comic and Toy Convention.
We expected to capture something great…we weren’t expecting this.

8:18 A Litany For The Goddess


The Sunda Baduy tribe or Kenekes people,living in westernmost of Java, Banten province, Indonesia. have full respect for their Goddess of rice (paddy), Dewi Sri Pohaci Sanghyang Asri
The Goddess whom they believe to bless them with everlasting fertility to their land and their paddy
Amazingly, they take very good care of the rice seeds native Indonesia, some seeds are no longer found anywhere else in this country. a people who deserves to be respected
They live modestly, in harmony with nature and always grateful for God’s blessings, they believe that it is forbidden to shape the land to their own will.
“Mountains shall not be brought down, valleys shall not be ravaged”

8:34 All That Glitters Bronze

All That Glitters Is Bronze is a love letter to the Philippine tradition of Kulintang, which was once nearly wiped out by colonization. Around the Bay Area in California, a local band called Kulintang Dialect is keeping the tradition alive. This short documentary offers a brief glimpse of the cosmos through clips of performances interspersed with interviews from the band.

8:42 Born From Fire

A traditional blacksmith and a young artist pay tribute to an ancient Celtic legendary figure.

8:55 Vinyl Connection


Not all vinyl collectors are audiophiles. Not all vinyl collectors are searching for perfect records.
What is the driving force behind collectors that do not follow these practices?
This is the story of a collector who was looking to connect with his past, with history, and with physical media again.

9:05 FuturePhobia


What does the future hold? According to “the experts”:
* We’ll be zooming around in private helicopters and booking vacations on Mars.
* We’ll be annihilated by nuclear war, a new Ice Age or global warming.
Cultural theorist Rocco Giuliano takes on prognosticators, provocateurs, and professors — and their fanatical ravings — stoking our hopes and fears, keeping us in a perpetual state of…”FuturePhobia”…in this outrageous and hilarious look at the knots we tie ourselves in over the dreadful Things To Come!

9:15 Mesmerized

Mesmerized is a short documentary about the world’s oldest magic shop, El Rei De La Magia, located in the heart of Barcelona, Spain. The film shares the journey on how the little shop stays running for nearly two centuries. Through stories and magic tricks the shop continues to spread the light and laughs of magic for all ages.

9:27 Waiting The Rain

“Waiting the rain” is a common saying in Amapá, and it refers to people who came to these lands temporarily, usually to earn money. The fact is that this rain usually lasts a lifetime, and that is the case for the guitarist Nonato Leal, who came to spend a rain that has been lasting almost 70 years, and while he watches the rain, Nonato reflects on his life and music.

9:41 jay and silent bob secret stash

Sophia Haber Brock visits the brand new Secret Stash comic book shop in Red Bank on its soft opening.


Sophia Haber Brock is a senior at Middletown High School North in Middletown, NJ. She has been in the TV Film program at the high school for 4 years. She has made numerous short films, hosts the school news and has an interview show. She will be attending Fairfield University in the fall.


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