Review of Lockdown Love Life

July 11, 2022 0 Comments

Here is a review of one of the films that were submitted to Tournadeau. This review is provided by Kaiya Breton.

What really stood out in this film was how relatable it was. I mean, who hasnt
been on a dating site during quarantine, or not knew how all of google meets or zoom worked.
The characters were very real. The setting of the film was through the lens of a google meets,
which was an interesting choice and that choice made it feel like you were in the google meets
with the characters. For characters you had the main lady who was just trying to find the right
one, and the other characters she met were very interesting. There was the the guy who
believed covid was a hoax, a genuine nice guy who picked up on clues to help him guide his
way through the speed dating, the older man who was just confused on how google meets
worked and kept having his computer on mute, and then of course we had the guy who is so
full of himself that he believes every girl wants him. This was very humorous and found myself
laughing at every new encounter she went on.

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