Tournadeau will be showing this film on Aug 27. at Foxwoods Casino. Review provided by Kaiya Breton.

This short film was very humorous and creative. I really enjoyed the narrative of the
teapot and ( teapots actor name) did a very good job playing the voice of this royal
teapot. I really enjoyed that this is a comedy as well as a horror/thriller. It was a very
creative idea making the teapot move and actually causing the crimes rather than just a
spirit haunting them. The journey this teapot went through was really cool to watch as
well. From the teapot killing people because he didn’t find them worried to being
abandoned even though he genuinely liked the lady; And then almost as if he was being
punished for his crimes he is used as a sort of vase filled with dirt and flowers and has to
stay outside. The colors were really bright and everything had really stood out in a way
that every second my eyes were attracted to the screen. Aside from the amazing plot
line and narrative, the soundtrack was really unique and it fit the film. The hard rock
before and after the film really set the mood .

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