Meet The Team

Jonathan Nadeau: Executive Director/Board member

Jonathan Nadeau is a blind technoligist, creator and father.
Although jonathan lost his sight at 14 it doesn’t stop him from playing video games.

He also learned how to play guitar after he was in his accident.

At the age of thirty Jonathan went back to school and obtained two bachelors degrees. Computer science and Business adminstration. During this time he discovered open source software and technology. He started NELF and became a must be there event at Harvard University.

While this was goin on Jonathan decided to create Sonar GNU/LInux and distribute an operating system for assistive technology used in over 30 countries.

Now here we are at Tournadeau! Embrace your storm!

Michael C. Wagher: Assistant Executive Director

Michael C.Wagher is the Assistant Executive Director for the Tournadeau foundation providing
high-level administrative support to the Executive Director with the day-to-day workings of the organization.

Michael is a multifaceted individual,in both personality and abilities.Abilities ranging from a toolmaker specielizing in plastic injection molding,servicing and repairing high end aquariums,writing for several small magazines,engineering and developing a production line for output of hearth pads and surrounds,certified small engine technician,excavating his own pond and creating a very profitable business from selling the dirt from the excavation.And much more.

Being an advocate of overcoming adversity through creativity and experiencing it himself,Michael will be an invalueable asset to the Tournadeau foundation.

Daryl Laperle: Board Member

Daryl at the age of 22 became the youngest martial artist in Cheezic Tang SooDo’s 40 year history to earn a 4th dan master belt. He was also a member of the U.S.A Karate team, being nducted into the action martial arts magazine hall of fame and recieved the outstanding achievments in the martial arts award. He also owns Danielson Martial Arts.