Aug. 27 2022 noon to midnight!

Come to the Bradly PlayHouse at 30 Front st. Putnam ct. 06260

Tournadeau is about embracing your storm. You have this creative storm inside of you. The only way to calm the storm is to get this film created. Whether you have written, produced, directed, acted, scored the film or had any part of the creation of this film. then there is obviously one thing you want….People To Watch Your Film!!

At the Tournadeau Music and Film Festival we are going to celebrate your creations at the Bradly PlayHouse
on August 27th and 28th 2022.We are going to have 2 viewing screens with seating for 550 people. We will be playing approximately 22hours of films. We have some super creative films playing.Everything from horror,action,thriller,docs and so much more! You can also check out some of the Actors that will be there.

Come To Our Pre-party and After Party

The night before everything kicks off we will have some meet and greets throughout Putnam. Come and talk with your fellow creators and film enthusiast. We can either talk shop or get to know one another.
I have co directed a film festival for the last 4 years and a lot of people say the connections that are made at the event make it all worth it. Don’t forget there is going to be a big after party once the event is over. We can talk about how we are going to get your film found on the internet. Or maybe we can talk about the best plan for your next move. Or maybe you’ll find the creative partner you have been looking for all your life.Also you never know who you might meet!

Car Show At The Festival!

Yes that’s right there are going to be quite a few cars you have seen in some movies. You will be able to take pictures with these cars and all of the proceeds will be going to a great foundation and it isn’t Tournadeau! Come and see how and what were done to these cars to make them.Some will be replicas and some are the real deal straight out of the movie! Plus there are many amazing stories that go along with them.