Tournadeau is excited to announce the launching of our first podcast series called Embrace Your Storm. Jonathan is a podcasting veteran, having been podcasting since the year 2009. He first started out with his podcast called frostcast. This was a series of interviews with project leaders of open source software and operating systems. While this was going on Jonathan was also building PCs and notebook that came pre-installed with a choice of your Linux operating system.

During the time of frostcast he also hosted two other podcasts called This Week in Debian and This Week In Fedora. Both of these like frostcast Jonathan was interviewing project leaders of various projects within each OS.

After that for about 30 or 40 episodes Jonathan was a host of a show called Droid Nation. This is where Jonathan and a few other hosts would take an Android phone and root it live on the episode. The point of this show was to promote the openness of the Android operating system.

After a little highast Jonathan then started a podcast called Crowdfunding Cast. This was a daily podcast where Jonathan was interviewing people running Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns.

Then Limping on Cloud 9 is a series that Jonathan and his disabled friend Hammad talk about Hammad’s life as a disabled person and all of the exciting experiences he has had throughout his life. Along with learning some lessons along the way.

Which leads to the newest eddition of podcasts Jonathan has hosted Embrace Your Storm. This is all about speaking with musicians and creators of musical equiptment.
Jonathan is going to dive in with these interviews and find out why these musicians and creators do the things they do. While that is going on maybe just maybe you will be inspired. Please give it a listen and share, share, share!


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