Creativity As A Writer

March 29, 2023 0 Comments

Being surrounded by social media, where anyone can write about anything, has led us to believe that writing is simple. Well, I don’t think so, and I’m sure other writers don’t either. Writing is a verbal art form. Of course, anyone can write, but can they all write well? Everyone can cook, play sports, act, and do a variety of other things, so why do we have professionals in those fields? Professionalism is also required in writing.
Not everyone is cut out for creative writing. You must be creative, able to pay attention to the smallest detail and turn it into a work of art with words, and capable of feeling and describing emotions. People are born with the ability to be creative, but not everyone develops it. It usually begins with reading books or building creative things with Legos at a young age. It continues when the child participates in sports and tries to figure out how to defeat the opponent, and it usually peaks in writing or public speaking. So, I believe that creativity begins and ends with words.
Our minds are most occupied by creativity. It is there that we decide what to buy for a friend, where we admire the beauty of a flower in the garden, or the design of a nice building in the city center. Creativity is always cheerful, joyful, and upbeat. There is no sadness in creativity because it transforms lament into song, night into poem, and cold into heart-warming prose.
Can a creative writer experience pain and sorrow? He certainly can. However, he is creative with it, and whether he is happy or sad in his heart, his mind continues to produce art. Being creative means being alive and able to talk about it.


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