Billy Kills The Internet

June 22, 2022 0 Comments

A terrible fungus (the internet) has emerged throughout the universe and it’s up to Billy and his faithful crew to stop it once and for all. This exciting short will wow audiences with a staunch rejection of the internet featuring fantastical special effects, impeccable sound design, and 1980s inspired music. Don’t miss this hilarious sci-fi fantasy epic!
Director Biography – Lon Strickland
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Lon Strickland (born October 4th 1981) is an American-born film director, screenwriter, animator, actor, and composer who has used his filmmaking skills to land long standing media related jobs at General Motors, Warner Brothers, and NBC Universal.
Strickland has directed countless short films, and served as a producer on a number of broadcast television projects including Celebrity Animal Encounters on Animal Planet, Explosion Jones for El Rey Network, and Creepshow for Shudder / AMC Network.
In 2022, Lon formed Strickland Media, a post production services company offering editing, sound design, and music needs for content creation.
Director Statement
Certain themes inspire me to make films. For me it’s always been about having a strong theme and finding humor in the absurd.

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