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Here at Tournadeau we have tested out some ways of creating descriptive video tracks for film creators and we want to work with all submissions to help them, if they are interested Tournadeau will create a descriptive video track to add to their audio for their film.

Although I’m not in the film industry, I have hellped crowdfunding campaigns raise millions of dollars on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. I have also spent the last 10 years as an SEO expert and online marketer. So I have some experience making people found on the internet. The film industry is at a strange point of metamorphosis with movie theaters closing and mor and more online streaming apps come out every day how and where do you go for people to see your creation? Since the movie industry is in a state of change maybe how you pitch your film or have it seen by people should also. Listen to some of my crazy ideas and lets work together for you and your work to be found.