Trauma Being Healed Without Words

TourNadeau is a non-profit organization that provides creative arts therapy to children and adults with mental health, developmental disabilities, and trauma.

  • The program’s goal is to use art as a form of self-expression and healing for those who have experienced significant adversity in their lives.
  • Creative art therapy has been shown to help people process difficult experiences by providing an outlet for expression to find meaning in what happened to them.
  • It also helps individuals build resilience, coping skills, resiliency skills, psychosocial development abilities, life satisfaction levels, problem-solving abilities.
  • TourNadeau offers free programs to students and adults throughout the New England area so that students can take part in these therapeutic activities.

TourNadeau is a nonprofit that helps people overcome trauma through creativity. and we want to help people tap into their creative spirit and bring healing to them. Everyone has a creative spirit inside of them, it can be the thing that empowers people to move forward. That’s why we’re here – so you can find your voice again, or maybe for the first time.We all have our struggles, but we also have the power to create positive change in our lives. Creativity is one of the most potent ways to heal from trauma because it allows us to express ourselves in new ways, hoping that things will eventually be okay again. You can use your imagination to create anything you want! Imagine what it would look like if those feelings, thoughts, struggles and other emotions that you had no words for or can’t explain how you feel there was a way to show or release how you feel without words using creative therapy. When you have creativity, you have so much more than just an outlet for your emotions-you also have a way to help others by using your creativity as well. Creativity has been shown to increase resiliency among traumatized individuals through its ability to stimulate neuroplasticity, which helps us rethink an event that was traumatic in a way that does not cause us distress.